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The Foundations of Exodos Ministries

We, at Exodos, are proof that Jesus does, "bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners" (Isaiah 61:1 NIV).

Participants at Exodos Recovery Ministry are introduced to Jesus through the Word of God on a daily basis. At our ministry site we have a drug free environment where residents share meals and recreation in a Christian atmosphere, attend regular church services, benefit from daily Godly counsel from our on-site pastor and staff, share nightly Bible devotions and group discussions and encounter the influence of Christian faith families and mentors throughout their journey.

All Recovery Ministry participants must complete a twelve step, Bible-based recovery plan and receive positive reviews prior to completion of their stay. Our aim is for men to come to the place where they understand that they were created with a purpose. Men must come to know that the ups and downs of life are an opportunity to grow in character as we pursue a deeper relationship with Christ rather than default to a bottle or a drug in hard times.

At Exodos, we offer men the opportunity to identify what it is that causes them to "relapse" and discover the way to overcome through the indwelling power of Christ and practice a new way of life.

Exodos Ministry Team

Ben Crowson

Ben Crowson is the Program Director of Exodos Ministries. Ben will be the first to tell you that he grew up doing ministry at Exodos. Ben has always had a heart for others and has seen firsthand that chemical addiction results in bondage for the whole family. He will also testify about the amazing GRACE and MERCY found at the foot of the cross where Christ alone brings freedom to the captive and healing to families.

Ben has always been a leader in our community…leading the football team, the baseball team and most importantly local Praise and Worship teams throughout his teenage years. He knows that God was preparing him his whole life to lead men to freedom in Christ. Ben went on to The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, Florida and earned a B.A. in Music and Worship Leadership. Though he has enjoyed leading worship all over Florida and will continue as God calls, Ben testifies that, “God has designed me to connect with brothers. I was raised by Godly parents who raised four boys into men who serve the Lord. We have always loved others into our home and ministry and in the process “adopted” hundreds of new members into our family. I love sharing the love of Christ with lost, broken and lonely men, then having the privilege of welcoming them into our family of faith. After all, a man can NEVER have too many brothers!”

Kyra Crowson

Kyra Crowson is our Exodos Families Executive Director and ministry leader. She is also a women’s teacher and speaker who is passionate about “inspiring ladies to fall in love with Christ by savoring His love letter to them”. Kyra challenges women to open their hearts and “snuggle into Jesus because romance with Him is beyond a girl’s wildest imagination”.

Kyra testifies that she can gladly say with Joseph of the Old Testament that what Satan, “intended (to use) to harm (us), God intended for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives”. Kyra believes that “when a man is enslaved to chemical addiction, the whole family lives in bondage and needs the healing and freedom that only Christ can give.

Tom Crowson

Tom Crowson is the Founder of Exodos Ministries. Tom served as a public school teacher and coach for twenty years. After four back surgeries and a decade long struggle with doctor prescribed narcotics, Tom realized he was in bondage to pain killers.

As a Christian, Tom knew that only Christ can free the captive and he spent months in faith-based recovery in Mississippi. While away, Tom felt the call of the Lord to return to his hometown and coach men and their families to freedom in Christ through opening Exodos Ministries. Now, Tom and his wife Kyra, along their four sons, have the privilege to love other families through the wilderness of addiction to the foot of the cross where Christ brings freedom to the captive.

Donald Way

Donald Way served as Exodos House Supervisor for several years. When God blessed him with his beautiful wife, Donald never abandoned his passion for serving at Exodos. He has faithfully maintained a strong leadership connection with Exodos and continues to teach Bible classes.

Donald earned his B.A. in Ministry from The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville. He works Information Technology for the Air Force and is the Associate Pastor at Goodhope Baptist Church in Baker, Florida. Donald has a “passion for teaching the Word of God in such a way that it is seen as the LIVING, BREATHING book that it is and not just some ancient text.”

Paul Struwe

Paul Struwe is Exodos Ministries' very own “Gentle Giant”! At a towering 6’8” tall, Paul is a giant of a man, but for those who know him…it is more about his heart for Christ than his physical height. Paul coaches at work and at home. He is a teacher and coach at Rocky Bayou Christian School and Household Supervisor and GED coach for Exodos Ministries. Paul loves the LORD and we at Exodos see it in all he does.

Albert Boise

Albert Boise is the real deal! He was saved right off the streets of New York City through the outreach of Teen Challenge. He then stayed on with Teen Challenge in New York and got qualified to work with men who are struggling with the same kind of bondage that Christ delivered him from all those years ago!

Albert is a BOLD ambassador for Christ. If you cross his path or even get near him…Albert WILL share Christ with you! He is an AMAZING addition to our Exodos team as Household Supervisor and teacher.

David Cox

David Cox is a Bible teacher at Exodos Ministries. He also serves on our Board of Directors. David is a lover of Christ and people. He has served in the ministry for 15 years and is the Director of Spiritual Formation at Central Baptist Church in Crestview, Florida. David feels confident that God has called him to pursue others and minister to their needs physically and most importantly…spiritually.

David is the owner and Optician at Family Vision of Crestview, Florida where he ministers to our community every day.

Exodos Board of Directors

Bob Champion

Chairman of the board

Kyra Crowson

Secretary of the board

Rob Cooney

Joey Bonta

David Cox

Summary of Ministry

Exodos is a Christ-centered residential ministry for men. We are located in Baker, Florida. Our ministry is founded upon the Bible as the inspired, and only infallible, authoritative Word of God.

Exodos exists to point men that are in bondage to chemical substance and other destructive behaviors, to the freedom available through Jesus Christ. We believe that addiction is not a genetic issue, but a sin issue. Our residential ministry offers men the opportunity to come to a safe place where loving people will walk beside them through the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing necessary for freedom.

Most people will agree that they struggle with sin (wrong doing), but some people are past struggling, they are trapped in crippling, habitual sin that seems hopeless. God offers the answer to all sin, through His son Jesus Christ. Because man can not stay “clean” on his own, God provided the cure. Man can not be strong-willed or disciplined enough to overcome chemical dependency on his own, but God can empower men by His Spirit to break the chains of bondage.

The Bible says, “No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; He will never let you be pushed past your limit, He’ll always be there to help you come through it.” (I Corinthians 10:3) We exist to introduce men to the power of the living God that will “help (them) come through” the temptation and experience deliverance.

We, at Exodos are proof that Jesus, “binds up the brokenhearted, brings freedom to the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners” (Isaiah 61:1). Residents at Exodos are introduced to Jesus through the Word of God on a daily basis. At our residential site, men wake up and seek the Lord in Bible study, work in a drug free environment, share meals and recreation in a Christian atmosphere, attend regular church services, benefit from daily Godly counsel from our on-site pastor and staff, share nightly Bible devotions and group discussions and encounter the influence of Christian faith families and mentors throughout their journey. All residents must complete a twelve step program and receive positive reviews in order to graduate. Our aim is for men and their families to come to the place where they understand that they were created with a purpose. Men must come to know that the ups and downs of life are an opportunity to grow in character as we pursue a deeper relationship with Christ rather than default to a bottle or a drug in hard times. At Exodos, we offer men the opportunity to identify what it is that causes them to “relapse”, discover the way to overcome through the indwelling power of Christ and then practice a new way of life.

*Exodos residential house is a drug free house with random drug testing. Tobacco products are not allowed.

How long is the program?

Our residential program requires a minimum four month commitment from all residents in order to be admitted. A stay of 12 months is required for residents to graduate with a certificate and/or letter of completion from the Exodos Ministry team. Though our team agrees that everyone who struggles with chemical abuse, most benefits from a year in recovery, we cannot force men to stay the full year.

Each man comes into the program with different characteristics, backgrounds, expectations, strongholds and experiences. Therefore, each man is at a different place physically, emotionally and spiritually. Consequently, each individual man completes the necessary benchmarks for graduation at a different pace. Our Exodos ministry team will monitor progress and recommend advancement as the individual man is ready to proceed to the next level of the journey.

What about medical care?

We are not a medical facility. Narcotics, barbiturates, anti-depressants, psychotropic medications or any other potentially addictive medications ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Medical or dental matters must be taken care of prior to enrollment. If a major medical condition occurs during the resident’s program, the resident will be asked to postpone his program and return after the medical condition has been stabilized.

What is the cost?

Exodos Ministries is a non-profit organization. We DO NOT mandate a cost of our ministry to others. Nonetheless, meeting the needs of our guests and their families is financially costly; therefore, we ask that those who are capable donate to this work. They can do so by visiting online at: exodosministries.com/donate or mailing a check to Exodos Ministries, P.O. Box 1710, Crestview, FL 32536.

Furthermore, applicants who are accepted into our residential home must understand that the care provided through Exodos Ministry is costly and therefore, requires their participation in our work program to help facilitate the administrative fees, utilities and rents etc…that allow each resident the privilege to receive care.

Residents who refuse to cooperate with household chores and work program detail or have a bad attitude about pulling their fair share, will be dismissed.

The following tests may be completed at your local health department or by a private physician. All residents MUST be tested prior to admission for the following:

• TB
• Hepatitis

*Test results must be received by Exodos Ministries prior to Admission
*Urinalysis will be random throughout the resident’s stay at Exodos.

How do I apply for Admission?

1. All court dates and legal obligations must be postponed.
2. Complete the application for Admission.
3. Provide Test result documentation.
4. Schedule an interview.

If Approved:

• You will be provided a date for admission. You must confirm your appointment (bed reservation) within two business days. Any appointment not confirmed within two (2) business days will be cancelled.
• You will present your Driver’s License or Picture ID at admission.
• A confirmation letter of enrollment can be requested at time of admission.
• Emergency contact or legal representative will be notified immediately if the client leaves the Exodos program for any reason.
• Family and/or legal representation can contact the client’s counselor during business hours.
• Client will receive a certificate and may request a letter of completion at the time of graduation.

Contact the Admissions Office: (850) 398-2910 or (850) 902-1787 with any questions.

Will I be allowed visitors?

Visitation is for family only: spouse, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, uncle, aunt, mother and father-in-law, brother and sister-in-laws and only on Family Visitation days.

*Anyone who is not immediate family must be pre-approved prior to Admission.

FAMILY VISITATION is usually scheduled for the first Saturday of the month from 11pm – 4pm unless otherwise instructed.

*Ministers, Lay Ministers and church staff may visit the resident by appointment.
*Faith Family Mentors will visit the resident by appointment/schedule.

Visitation Procedures:

• Please park and visit only in designated areas.
• Do not enter the resident’s living areas.
• Do not bring any prohibited items or animals.
• Only those eligible and listed at Admission will be allowed to visit.
• Visitors may drop off any items for the resident at the Thrift Store office only.
• No personal cell phones or personal items are to be given to the resident.
• We reserve the right to restrict visitation on an individual basis.
• We reserve the right to search and/or drug test any and all visitors.
• Maximum of eight visitors per visit.
• Visitors who use profanity or tobacco products during Family Day or any Exodos visitation opportunity will not be allowed to stay and will be removed from visitation list.

What is the telephone policy?

• Residents are provided with one scheduled 15 minute phone call per week.
• Residents can not have cell phones.
• Residents can not receive incoming calls.

Is there a Tobacco Policy?

Yes. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING is permitted. Violation of our smoking policy will result in dismissal from the Exodos program. We believe tobacco is a major stronghold that will keep the resident from experiencing true deliverance.

Can transportation arrangements be made?

Prior to admission: For those who travel a great distance, transportation arrangements may be made to have a client picked up at the local airport or bus station.

What items do I need to bring?

• Identification documents: Social Security Card, Driver’s License or Picture ID
• Bible (If you have one)
• Pen, highlighter, notebook, three-prong folder and stamps are a good idea.
• Single sheets, blanket, pillow, towels, washcloths, and shower shoes
• Personal hygiene items: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving kit etc…
• Casual clothing for church and clothing for work program (limited amount)
• Laundry detergent
• Snacks and soft drinks (optional)
• Softball glove and board games (optional)
• Plastic container for keeping food (no larger than 90 qt)

What items are not allowed?

• Tobacco, drugs, alcohol or anything containing alcohol: mouthwash, cologne, hairspray, etc…
• Non-approved medication
• Pocket knife or any item that could be considered a weapon
• Radio, CD/Tape player, MP3, IPod, TV, Beeper, Cell phone and Computers
• Non-approved secular books or magazines
• No facial or body jewelry allowed, including earrings, tongue-rings, etc…
• Clothing with reference to alcohol, gambling, tobacco or profanity
• Hot plates, toasters, etc…
• Vehicles

Why should you consider coming to Exodos?

• You will identify and understand the core issues of your problem.
• You will learn how to effectively deal with these issues.
• You will develop the tools needed to live and function in a structured new life.
• It is about real change which has to come from the indwelling power of Jesus.
• It is about renewal, transformation of mind, character and desires.
• It is about making you a “Trophy of God’s Grace!”
• It is a ministry based on the divine authority of God’s word.
• It is a place of hope and healing.

To request an application:

Please call 850-398-2910, stop by our Thrift Store located at 696 N. Ferdon Blvd. Crestview, Florida, or email us at exodosministries@yahoo.com.

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